Crisis Management in the Wealth Space

Lawyers, Accountants, Wealth Advisers and other advisers – are used to dealing with difficult situations all at the heart of their specialty.  But often, the advice the clients need goes past the wealth arena . . . .

How do you help them when you hear situations like this?

  • My son shows no drive and won’t get up from bed-
  • My daughter is cutting herself-
  • My brother just got his second DUI this year and is running the business into the ground-
  • The trustee of my trust has missed filing taxes and is making mistakes-

What do you do when you are the first point of contact, but out of your expertise? 

What happens when the family is in crisis and devastating wealth impacts are in view?

What happens when it’s not in your business model or expertise to deal with this part of the family’s issues? How do you do the right thing by your client and yourself?

On “Wealth Actually with Frazer Rice” we discuss these issues and more.  

Listen Here: 

EP-132 “ULTRA HIGH NET WORTH” CRISIS MANAGEMENT with JANE MINTZ MA, LPC | FrazerRice.Com | Interviews with entrepreneurs, experts and the creative people that push the world forward . . . . and some old fashioned commentary from me . . .

May 29, 2024

About the author:

Jane Mintz

Licensed Professional Counselor
Concierge Clinical Strategist
Crisis Intervention Specialist

With Love and Light,

Jane Eigner Mintz, MA, LPC, is the CEO and Chief Clinical Strategist of her international consultancy firm, Realife Intervention Solutions, LLC, offering strategic direction for addiction, mental health, and life concerns. A veteran treatment provider and thought leader in the addiction and behavioral health industries, Jane developed The Field Model of Intervention, the first-ever clinical model of intervention now in use by practitioners and organizations across the United States and the United Kingdom. Best known for her work as a concierge strategist guiding clinically complex individuals and their families through crisis, she is also a noted industry consultant, educator, and speaker who has garnered international recognition. But it is her own experience with addiction and recovery that grounds all that she does, “I am a lightkeeper today. Unless you have lived in the dark, you don’t know what light is. I have the ability to reach into the dark and pull people out.”

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