How a Clinical Strategist Can Help Your Clients Meet Their Goals

What a Clinical Strategist can Provide the Business World: 

It often surprises people that my greatest referral sources are family business consulting firms, financial planners, and wealth managers. However, it probably won’t surprise individuals in these industries, as they often find themselves in the grey area between providing a service and dealing with very real, very emotional human problems. After all, a good consultant/financial planner/wealth manager deals in lives and legacies as much as they deal with crunching numbers and looking at the bottom line. As the world continues to push itself into a more people-centric and mental health-conscious way of doing business, this humanistic approach creates the perfect climate for partnerships between the business world and the clinical counseling world. Here are a few ways a Clinical Crisis Strategist can be a valuable partner in helping financial planners, business consultants, and wealth managers meet their client’s needs.

 When dysfunction brings business to a screeching halt:

I always say, “Everybody has somebody who needs something.” If you have been in a small family business consulting/financial planning/wealth management role for any time, you probably don’t have to think too hard for that person to come to mind. You’ve probably had cases where you go in to help with succession planning but quickly realize that the second generation of the family business can’t lead due to a crippling addiction or instability due to a mental health concern. Or perhaps a business transaction is being held up because the inability to communicate between family members is just a symptom of unresolved trauma. My entry point to a new case often occurs when I receive a call from a business partner who cannot make headway with a client due to an unhealthy family dynamic, mental health crisis, or addiction issue. Someone is off the proverbial tracks and has derailed the deal, is endangering the family legacy or is threatening the family’s reputation. The enormity of the issue is beyond what the business partner feels comfortable handling on their own. As a crisis specialist and licensed counselor, I provide a step-by-step plan to stabilize the situation so business can continue. The process begins with a consultation where I start to gather clinical data and assessments of the affected individual and become familiar with the dynamics of the family system. I surround the family with the right team of experts from my elite network of neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, therapists, and treatment facilities. My expertise comes in teasing out the problem, discovering where the entry points are and why, and being able to pull together a team of rational actors during the chaos to make traction forward.

My offerings and services: 

In my collaborations with my business partners, my main goal is to restore a family so that they can make the best decisions for themselves, their business and their legacy. Some services I provide include:

  • Consultations and assessments of individuals or family system dysfunctions
  • Timely recommendations for an appropriate course of action, applying time-sensitive strategies to crises, and acting quickly to secure treatment placements and ongoing therapeutic strategies
  • Management of clinical cases and long-term clinical counseling
  • Access to a well-vetted, robust network of national and international specialists and treatment providers
  • Availability as an in-house, concierge, retainer-based clinical consultant for single and multi-family offices, banking, and financial institutions, private and publicly held companies, and large institutions

The illustration below demonstrates how as a strategist, I create a systematic care plan that provides each family member the assistance they need that is supported by my case management and concierge team of professionals. 

When the magic of healing happens: 

True healing can begin through the integration and collaboration of heart-driven financial/wealth/business advisors and a clinician who understands business and family dynamics. It’s a magical process to see a family that is floundering due to years of undiagnosed mental illness, a broken family system, addiction, or just plain and simple bad behavior be guided to a new way of living by those working closest with them. In other words, the family might have been in the market for guidance in succession planning, and what they get in addition is a healthy way to move forward in life. What begins as a simple referral becomes a partnership in holistic family wealth and business management.  

How to start connecting with me:

Work with me starts with a simple meet and greet so I can learn more about you and the client for whom you seek guidance. To schedule a 30-minute zoom, please get in touch with my assistant Jen Ball at or by calling 216-755-7545.

February 6, 2023

About the author:

Jane Mintz

Licensed Professional Counselor
Concierge Clinical Strategist
Crisis Intervention Specialist

With Love and Light,

Jane Eigner Mintz, MA, LPC, is the CEO and Chief Clinical Strategist of her international consultancy firm, Realife Intervention Solutions, LLC, offering strategic direction for addiction, mental health, and life concerns. A veteran treatment provider and thought leader in the addiction and behavioral health industries, Jane developed The Field Model of Intervention, the first-ever clinical model of intervention now in use by practitioners and organizations across the United States and the United Kingdom. Best known for her work as a concierge strategist guiding clinically complex individuals and their families through crisis, she is also a noted industry consultant, educator, and speaker who has garnered international recognition. But it is her own experience with addiction and recovery that grounds all that she does, “I am a lightkeeper today. Unless you have lived in the dark, you don’t know what light is. I have the ability to reach into the dark and pull people out.”

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